No.  Contractually we are your tenant, so we’re best described as Corporate Lets or Property Managers.  We can work direct with Landlords or alongside a Landlord’s Letting Agent.

It will not affect the rent that we pay you.  If a tenant pays late or fails to pay, then that is our issue to deal with and we continue to pay you at the same time month in month out.

We know exactly what we are looking for so once we’ve visited your property, we can give you an answer within 24 hours of viewing.  We don’t try to offer below the market value, but since we don’t renegotiate halfway through the lease we are very careful to offer a figure that will be reasonable for Rooms Central and you over the three year period.

No. We are your tenant so we pay you rent whether or not the rooms are occupied.  Of course, we expect to be able to find tenants quickly.

No. Whatever we agree at the beginning of the tenancy is what we will honour for the duration.

That will not be anything you will ever have to deal with.  Residents call us and we help them with anything they need as we fully manage the property for them.

Certainly.  We have a team of fully qualified and experienced tradesmen that we use for maintenance and general repairs, though we are happy to use yours as long as they are legally certified and fully insured.

Remember we’re your tenant, so if something happens to the property that’s due to our residents then we will cover the cost ourselves.

Wear and tear is often completely minimal as we regularly maintain the property using our handymen and cleaners.

If ever Rooms Central were to cease trading during our contract period, then the residents rent payments would revert direct to you and their deposits would remain in the Deposit Protection Service in case of any damages or unpaid rent.